Help with curve path.....! [please help] !

ok so i parented an object with amatures to a curve path…

and yes it works and follows the path but i have one problem…

it seems to start slow then speed up…:spin:

that is not what i want… i want it to start and stay at a constant speed…how would i do this?

and also how do i change the speed?

thnks in advance

Cody C.

With the path selected open up and IPO window and change the IPO type to path . The Speed curve is available there … just change the curve interpolation mode to linear if you want the motion to be constant (from IPO header ->Curve->Interpolation Mode) .

Interpolation Mode… it just made my mesh sit there…now my mesh wont move :frowning:
and i also dont know what to do to make the ipo go faster

I missed the armature part of the object on a path … (though this should work as well) … why don’t you just post a blend … I’m not sure what exactly is going wrong here …

Open up the NLA and move the keyframes closer together to make it go faster. Or you could do it in the IPO windows as well.

Let’s say you have two points on your speed IPO and they are 100 frames apart. To speed up your animation, simply move the end point from frame 100 to frame 50. This will cause it to move along the path twice as fast.

ok heres the blend…/fileinfo.html
thnks for your help in advance