help with custom shape movement

I have an eye rig attached to a custom shape for rotating the eyeballs in their sockets. I created a custom shape to control the eyes that basically moves in front of the face to allow for eye rotation. The head does not move when using the custom shape in rest position. But as soon as I move or rotate the head (with the eye control follow as it should) the custom eye control moves the head when I move the shape to adjust the eyes. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The control bone for controlling the eyes is parented to the head bone to follow the face…any ideas? I am including a pic for more details.

I would examine the way riggify does it, and just copy that. Nathanis a genius rigger.

Did it myself. Here’s what I found.
The eye rig has two separate eye targets, one for each eye, both children of the “custom shape” eye control bone, which is in turn parented to an eye control root which has a copy-transform constraint to the face bone. There’s an eye bone that pivots at the center of the eye with a Damped Track bone constraint pointing to the appropriate target bone. Then there’s a bunch of complicated constraints and stuff too, but that’s the basic idea.
So, what you’re describing basically should work… I don’t suppose you’re using IK to drive the eye motion are you? Because… you shouldn’t do that.

Not using IK on the eyes and sounds a lot like the way I built the eye rig. I am attaching a screenshot of my parenting connections The center control bone is the parent to the 2 target bones that in turn control the eye bones that have damped tracking. Both the eye bones and the control bone are parented to the head bone.

Also, deforms are turned off in the control bone

After much troubleshooting I found I can move or rotate all bones but the head bone, then move my eye control bone and the head does not move. Which is what I want. However, when I move or rotate the head bone, the control bone for the eyes moves the head as well when adjusting the eyes. Still haven’t found the answer but looking still. If I parent the Control bone for the eyes to the root bone, I still have the same problem with the head rotating when I move the eye control bone.

Well, if you attach the blend file (you can delete everything but the rig) we might be able to help.

Humane Rigging for eyes: