Help with damage after falling (Solved)

Hello again, I finally got back to working on my project after my small town was wiped of the map by tornadoes on march 2nd!

Anyways, now that I’ve gotten power and internet back I’ve been trying to find how to make an invisible plane to pass through with my tank so that after I fall off a high place, a collision triggers the floor to do damage only after passing through the invisible plane and resetting afterwords so that the floor will be harmless until the plane is passed through again.

I’ve checked the Simple AI tut section 8 and after being off for over a week I’ve forgotten a lot that I had learned. What I’m needing to know is in what sequence and what details would I need to set up in logic bricks to have link to get this to work.

I’ve tried a few different ways and all just me trying to understand what to do but I just don’t understand how to link them all together so it triggers “on” temporarily when the tank passes through the plane to the ground.

Version 2.49b

Thank you and I’m glad to be safe and back working on my project. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about the tornadoes. I hope everyone is okay…

Do you know any Python? Because the best way to do falling damage is to use a script that gets the speed of the object when it collides with the ground.

EDIT: If you would like, I could provide you with a script for this

Check the Collision library. It should help you with that.

Hey Zom8I3, sorry about the off topic, but I was curious about where you were in the tornados? I had to go get my brother from some tornado mess that day from Henryville, In. Its pretty much gone… Maryville, In is pretty much gone too…

Glad to see you made it through alive.

Thank you for all the info guys. I know absolutely no python yet but after Monster’s link and a bit more reading I was able to achieve what I needed using only logic blocks and it works wonderfully! What I guess I wasn’t understanding was how to change a value on a property to “on” and “off” while assigning a certain ability to “on”.

Thanks for the OT well wishes as well. indyz2, I live in West Liberty, KY. On the 2nd faced down an EF3 about 100 yards from the car. had we left a mere 5 minutes earlier we would have been in a house in town that is completely gone and my family and I probably wouldn’t be here today. The town got hit with multiple tornadoes that day and just 2 days before one took out some things right by the school my daughter goes to.

Hopefully everyone you know made it out ok.

Boolean Vales are True and False both in Python and within the Logic Bricks.