Help with delay sensors following an event.

The title is fairly self explanatory. I’m a newb, who has been searching for two hours, and can’t find a solution to a simple question: How do delay sensors work in relation to actuators? EG, play a sound effect 60 logic ticks after a cube collides with another cube. Really confused. Any Ideas/help would be appreciated.

Sorry to waste your time, and thanks.

just use a state


and then have your sfx in the state

delay 60-------and---------sound

Here you are:

It’s pretty much exactly what BPR said.


State Example.blend (460 KB)

Yeah…yeah I see now. Thanks… Thanks a lot both of you. RandomPickle97, your example really helped. Thanks for being awesome!

Pretty simple: it has no relation.

The delay sensor measures the time since the sensor got activated. Typically this happens when you create the object. This happens too when you switch from a state where this sensor is disconnected (inactive) to a state where it is connected (connected).

Be aware switching between states where the sensor is active (in both states), the sensor will not reset.