Help With Developing Game

I just started on my new game and I’m having some difficulties.
When I start the game my Player doesn’t fall to the ground like he should. Gravity is set at 9.8
Also when my Player jumps he goes up but doesn’t move back down.

It seemed to be working find just before I started to add armature for animation.

After setting the Armature to Dynamic Body my Player falls down after starting the game, but still when I jump he doesn’t fall back down.

I tried adding objects like a wall, but when I set it to Static my Player just walks right through it.

I attached my .blend file, so if you could take a look and figure out whats wrong.


Character.blend (730 KB)

I didn’t look at your blend file, but don’t perform gravity and such on the armature itself. Instead, parent the armature to a collision box and use that, instead.

I built a collision box and parent’d it to the armature, but how do I go about ignoring gravity for the armature?

Turn off collision on the Armature - make it No Collision, and it won’t have gravity applied. Only Dynamic or Rigid Body objects have gravity.

I set the armature to No Collision and also for the Player model. Still can’t figure out what’s wrong. I made a copy of my Player using Shitf + D and removed the armature and the collision box and it seems to work…what’s wrong with my armature?

Make sure the Player mesh is also no collision - for a basic, general setup, there should be no collision enabled except on the Collision Box.

the movements should be on the collision box, with the character parented to the collision box.

Oh, haha There we go. Thank You! :]