Help with displacement modifier

I’m getting back to Blender after a long illness. Some things have changed or been added. So, I’m using 2.74, and cycles render. I found a good tutorial showing how to use an image to use with a displace modifier to modify a mesh. I have done a bit with that, and even though I’m not 100% certain of what I’m doing, I can get a result, and I will continue to practice. But I am pretty certain you can also use a modeled object to create a displacement too. I just can’t find any help on this. So if there is a good tutorial, or maybe just a few steps that would be different from using an image, I’d appreciate any help.

If you want to create displacement maps from modeled objects you should bake them… Heres something you can read through that will give you an idea.

Also, look at sculpting. :slight_smile:

Thanks but I don’t see those options in Cycles Render. I see them only if I switch to Blender internal render, and that’s not what I use.
I think the link you gave me is using Blender internal.

You can always switch to internal to bake, and then back to Cycles to render (or, if you need to do it a bunch of times, make a new scene in the same file, and set that scene to internal- then you can link your objects to that scene and just switch over any time you want to bake a displacement map). It doesn’t matter which rendering engine you plan on making the final render with, when you are baking a map such as displacement or normals (it would maybe matter if you were baking something like AO or reflections since the different engines handle those differently but displacement is simply a distance from the surface)

Captain O, thanks. I will try that.

I tried switching from cycles to blender internal, but there is a problem. I have an object that is a plane with some spheres and cubes sticking up to give some texture, and all have been joined (ctrl-j) into one object. Then I added another plane, and subdivided it, and placed it just above the other object. I created a new material slot, and then a new texture. Then I selected the “bumpy” plane-object first and then Shift-selected the second plane. So I have both selected, and the second plane is the “active” object. Then I try to Bake, using “Selected to active” but Blender gives me an error that “No object was found to bake to”. What am I missing here?

The active object needs to be UV-unwrapped and have an image assigned to the faces in the UV/image editor (as opposed to in the material settings), my guess is that’s what’s causing the error. When it’s unwrapped select all the faces in edit mode, and then in the UV/image editor select the image you want to bake to.

I think I have to start from scratch. Blender is doing weird things, such as not even being able to select the second plane (and I do not have the selection toggled off…I checked that.) And the “Bake” option doesn’t even appear anymore. Maybe the file got corrupted or something. I UV unwrapped the plane, assigned an image (arbitrary image from my image collection) and then selected the face and assigned the material. But when I switch to object mode to select the “source” plane and then the new plane, the Bake option is gone.