Help with drawing hands

I’ve been trying to get better at drawing, but I’m having difficulty in drawing hands. I want to draw them neatly and in different poses in different positions, but that’s been hard for me. Is there any way I can get help with drawing hands?


Hands and/or feet for that matter definitely present a challenge for a seasoned figurative artist, let alone beginner so my suggestion if possible try to get ahold of an Andrew Loomis authored resource.

I mean nothing like learning fundamentals from a revered artisan of the traditional craft:

Andrew Loomis - Publications


The only advantage in drawing/modeling hands in contrast to some other things is: you have them at hand… isn’t that handy…


:roll_eyes: you again

The entire hand is expressed as cube (or cuboid) and then the fingers as cylinders. Then the rest is how to stack them into the correct order to get the armature of a hand.

However drawing anything right away is difficult task but requires practice. With lots of trial and error on the paper you might get some good results but still the most accurate and predictable results can be received with 3D previsualization.

If you use Blender software, it takes away all of the complexity of “stacking shapes” since is the real deal done in 3D coordinates and you have perspective at the same time.

However Blender can give you the correct answer, but still you will need to be prepared with some training in order to be able to understand better what Blender shows. You will combine both training and a ready reference.

P.S. Then there are more complex topics, regarding poses, dynamics, expressive gestures. But skip these for when starting. Try to build the foundation of basic skills.

Basic shape…