Help with dynamic actors in the game engine!

(bmax) #1

Why does my camera (child of an empty, which is the dynamic actor) jump up and down the second i move the mouse and thus rotate my view (python script)?

Thanx for any help in advance,


(saluk) #2

It depends on what script your using and how you have the logic bricks linked. I have seen this work many times, so I know its possible. If you wrote the script yourself you might not be correctly using the mouse information, but I’m not totally sure why this is happening. Might be able to help with a bit more info :slight_smile:

(bmax) #3

the script’s made by sara_tt (i think thats her name)… i dont yet hav her permission to use it in my game, i’ll have to contact her someday.
I advise you ask her, cause ive got no idea about python 8)