Help with edge flow

Hello Blnderartists. I’m a new selflearning blender artist, I have some knowledge of modeling and such stuff but I’m pretty inexperienced.
And I’ve come to a halt…

I’ve been making a simple foot, but the problem is that on its top I cannot connect the edges since I’ve got an even number coming from the ankle/heel and an odd number from the toes.

Theres 3 more verts than I’d like but two of them I can easly get rid of in a diamond quad so that leaves one vert that I don’t know what to do with.

The problem is that I cannot add any more edges that go up since that will connect to an already built model
and adding edges on the side will add two verts for connecting to rather than one.

On the bottom of the foot I’ve managed to make everything taper into diamond quads so adding edges on the fingers would simply flip the problem to the bottom side.

The only solution I have come up with is to make a triangle, and I could be able to place that triangle somewhere at the bottom, but if theres a way to avoid a triangle in my mesh I’d want to do that.

I might be able to edit the mesh but I’ll get unequal density and I’ll probably need to redo some edge flows to get it back…

please tell me what you think I should do. Is there a way to solve it on the foot without a triangle?
If you need more screenshots or info let me know.

thank you!!

Edit: also I’ve clicked a weird button combo over my n-panel and now the scale and rotation values are purple and I can’t change them…

There are many examples on the web. Study different method of building the foot.

But my problem are the edges that connect to the body… they cannot be changed and it results in a odd and even edge distribution on the top and bottom so I cant connect it to the fingers.
I could try and build a new foot but I still have to start with the given amount of verts that connect to the body