help with Elevator

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basically I am working on an interactive walkthrough which will take you though a multistory building that I have designed (this is for a school project). Almost everything done apart from the elevator, which has been modelled, but at the moment, does not do anything.

My problem is that I know how to get the elevator moving up and down with IPO curves, and to overlay a menu so you can select which floor you want to go to, but I have wasted this whole evening trying to get the whole open\close door system to work. Basically I have two sets of doors that I am going to need to open every time someone gets in the lift, thats the external doors (the ones not attached to the elevator) and the internal doors (the ones attached to the elevator).I tried using collision sensors to open the doors when you got close to them, and it worked, but since you have to parent the invisible collision plane to the doors to get them to open it isnt really practical because you cant (as far as I know) parent the internal elevator doors (there is only one set) to 12 different collision planes (one for each level). Then there is also the problem of opening the doors once you are inside the level and have reached the level that you actually want to get to, because since you will always be in the same spot, having a collision plane would mean that the internal elevator doors would always be open.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, if anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I assume that some sort of python script is the most efficent way to do this, but this is my first blender project so im just learning things as I go (I only figured out how to properly use logic bricks today!).

Here is a screenshot of the main menu:

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for the elevator doors try a near sensor rather than a collision

the problem with a near sensor, might be that, since it also detects on the z axis, the doors will already be open when you reach the stop. Try a radar sensor, since you can define which axis it follows.

Thats a good idea for the external doors actually. What about the internal doors though? Since they are always going to be with you on the lift as its moving wont they just remain open all the time? Unless there is some way to make it conditional, like with an expression and a property where the doors only open when the lift is stationairy. Any ideas on how id get that working. Or is there any way to instruct blender to complete one logic brick task before going onto the next one? If so, then I could just have the door open command set below the IPO actuator (which moves the lift up and down) and it would only open when the IPO has finished playing. I doubt thats possible though.

after the door is triggered you can do an edit>end object to remove the trigger from inside the elevator, and do an Edit>add new triggers on the outsides of the doors, so after the player exits he will trigger the doors to shut again (and add another trigger inside the elevators to shut the doors if the player returns there)

Radar sensor is solid in the Bullet engine, the best way to go is a Ray sensor which will allow you to define what axis you want and works perfectly in Bullet.

Ok, I have the lift doors running now. I ended up using the collision sensors like I originally planned to, but instead of parenting the lift doors to the collision plane I just selected both objects and setup the logic bricks like that. I didnt actually know you could do that, but its definitly a helpfull thing to know.

Now I am up to the stange where I need to get the lift working. Basically I have setup and overlay “lift menu” scene with all the buttons you can click to take you to various levels. I planned on moving rhe lift up and down using an IPO curve that I have setup, but my problem is that I cannot select both the lift (this is in the main scene) and the lift button (in the lift menu scene) to setup the logic bricks. Is there any way around is? What if I make a linked copy of the lift and move it to the lift menu scene. If I apply the logic bricks using the linked lift will the lift in the main scene move as it should?



Well I have found a way around that problem too. I used a message actuator and sensor to trigger the IPO curve.

you can share/link objects between scenes… dunno if that helps… but it can be done…

for the interner and exteral doors> just have the IPO for both that opens them, and have the radar or ray sensor activate both IPOs at the same time.