help with environmnt maps in 2.48a

I am trying to use environment maps in Blender 2.48a and getting weird results.Here r my render results with 2 different versions of Blender…

with 2.45

with 2.48a

Has something changed with the recent version of Blender?I have tried increasing the cube resolution in the texture buttons but that doesnt help either…

Here is the Blend file…
env.blend (157 KB)

That looks like some kind of an alpha premul problem. Anyway, can’t say if there’s any setting to correct the issue, but you can get rid of the effect with actual mesh, a big sphere for example, as an environment background.

can you guide me to some tutorials???
If anybody can second this problem…maybe we can report it to the bug tracker…

Here’s your file modified. Only thing that is different is the large sphere.


env_sphere.blend (237 KB)

Thanks very much for the quick response…It helped…:slight_smile:

It is possible you have discovered a bug. I don’t know too much about what is going on, but rendering your original file with a current svn build I get this:-

Try looking on for a recent build for your system and render the file with that. If it looks the way you wanted it to, it could be worth filing a bug report.

Go to

I think you need to set up an account, then check the bug tracker to see if it is already reported, and if not report it.

Good luck, and well done if it is one.

EDIT - It looks like someone reported a similar bug back in March (for 2.46 - I guess it was fixed since) so I would say go ahead and report it - mention that it seems to have been fixed in svn and see how it goes.
Here is the older report:-

Chances are the developers are aware of it, but it can’t hurt to mention it again. If it was fixed for 2.47 it may have broken again in 2.48.

Yes…I downloaded the latest Blender build and it rendered fine…without any weird edges…

edit: I have reported it at the bug tracker: