help with export and import please

have worked on some sketchup models but the method i used to export them through various formats into blender no longer works, the file (which is around 12 Mb once all the groups are exploded(they must be exploded for the output collada to work with blender)) i somewhat bigger than my computer can manage to export to collada through sketchup’s own exporter causes skecthup to crash when i try to export it. can someone with a more powerful computer than mine please export it as a collada for me WITHOUT ANY GROUPS WHILST IT IS STILL IN SKETCHUP. literally all you would need to do is open the file in sketchup as it is and press export to collada(under options you should tick “triangulate all faces”,“export hidden geometry” and “export texture maps”).
although i cannot pay i can offer you some modelling work in sketchup if you want it( we will need to discuss this in further detail), or there might be something else you want that i can(and am willing to) provide.
i can email you the file or provide you a link to download it, please help, thank you.

managed to get part of the model out of sketchup but then blender crashed when i tried to import it. maybe someone could export to obj for me, i have tried a script i found for it but sketchup still just crashes.

i can provide more details if neccessary, thank you for reading this.

Hi jagdpanther,

I’m sort of new to the community however I do happen to have some experience with Sketchup and Blender (as i’ve used them both for quite some time now). I would be willing to export the model (or at least try) for you if you’ll provide me with some more details on how you want it done: format etc. my computer is pretty powerful and should be able to handle it.

you can e-mail me on this e-mail: [email protected]