Help with extracted Game skeleton in Blender - want to eventually port to SFM

Hi all, new to BA… I’m basically trying to perserve a game skeleton I’ve extracted from Disney Infinity 3.0. so I was originally going to re-rig the body in Mixamo-Biped & + face myself in 3ds Max for talking/expressions etc… but I’ll be quite old by the time I would complete such a feat at the scale of my project, so essentially I want to save time by utilizing the existing game bones & port to Source Film Maker… all I have to do is get handy in Blender & SFM!..!?..

So from what I’ve read Blender, among others seems to be the 3d app for doing such things as porting game rigs to Source & am asking if anyone with rigging experience can tell me what state this skeleton is in & if it needs repairing for it to be usable in animating/posing in Blender, yet alone eventually port it to SFM as I do have the Source Film Tools Addon…

Any tips suggestions appreciated!!!.. so want to be able to achieve this!!!

Can I ask out what file format this model came out as? Is it FBX?

The rig actually looks fine… if you rotate the bones rather than move them you’ll see everything looks fine. The one thing is the bones are tiny, but that will only be a problem if you set up an IK constraint…

There is an option Force Connect Children when importing an FBX that will fix this.

For Miximo you’ll have to rename all the bones to the names Miximo uses.

As for Source Filmmaker… don’t know - I don’t use it. But you can always animate in Blender - trying to use as many packages as possible can be a bit of a headache.

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It is a rip straight from the game archive… The python script requires the.oct file to extract the character rig…
Mixamo is now my last resort as I want to save time not having to re-rig/adding facial bones/morphs etc but what you say sounds promising that nothing visibly is wrong with the armature… you did mention about ‘Force Connect Children’ for FBX import… Is this something I need to do?

Comparing the bone hierarchy to a Steam Workshop SFM ready character ‘Mario’, the rigs have the exact same naming & bone quantity to my surprise but I’m just not sure what I have to do from here because if I attempt to export to Source via the addon, I get an error :
‘Scene unconfigured - See the source engine export panel’
!?? …I’m not sure where this panel is located??..

bump!.. found the export panel… will assume the rig is ready for export & compile… Need to learn creating a QC file… wish me luck!!! :smiley:

The panel appears bottom left when importing… it appears when you first click the file, but disapears when you double click it.

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Another issue now… looks like a real tedious hard one! :disappointed: … I get this error:

Apparently Source Engine has a 3 bone maximum paint weighted per vertice… how the hell do i fix that!?

Maximum of 3 bones per vertex? Quite limiting!

I see a weight cull threshold … maybe if you puch that up a bit you can fix this issue…

or… there may be an addon that can fix this…

It all depends - if you’re familiar with animating in SFM then spend you time trying to export from Blender - otherwise - get Blender 2.8, and start animating in that - the new not-exactly-realtime-but-still-very-fast render engine Eevee is very good.

Yes It was staring me in the face!.. Only get minor warnings now when exporting the .dmx with threshold set at .18 … still getting errors on compile, though I think it’s due to no idle animation sequence in place… back to the tutorials for now!..