Help with filling a face from a weird shape


I recently started playing around with this program (no previous background on 3D modelling or design) and I came with a little problem trying to make a face out of the attached picture (shape).

I tried selecting the edges and/or vertices and pressed (F) to fill and clicked on Auto, but it wouldn’t do it.

Then finally I selected the edges and pressed (Shift + S ) After setting the cursor in the middle of the area that I wanted to fill, and it worked, The area was closed!

My question is, is there an easier way to do this? since setting the cursor is a bit difficult.

Thanks a lot for any and all your help!


Try Shift+F, it sometimes works but will give triangles so then use Alt+J to convert triangles to quads.


I tried Shift+F as well, but it didn’t do anything, but thanks about the Alt+J I needed that to get rid of the triangles.

Thanks for your help

Personally, I’d select the top flat face,subdivide it 7 times and then make the faces.


Could you explain a bit more? I do know how to subdivide the top face but how would you make the faces out of those subdivisions? would you extrude newly made faces into making my model a solid?

That could work…


Your initial shape is something like this (OK, the other way up, but never mind):

Select the long edges of the flat side, and subdivide them to match the curved one:

Now select opposing subdivided edges and Fill->Skin edge loops:

You will probably have to recalculate normals: ‘Skin edge loops’ seems to get them back-to-front about 90% of the time.

Best wishes,

Thanks MCollet, I never used that !

Thanks a lot MCollet, I was trying to do that for a while now, it was very useful!
Kudos man!