Help with filling in empty spaces in text

Hello! I am kinda new to blender and know the basics. I need help filling in the empty spaces in the text here (if that is even possible). I want to make it so that the empty spaces are filled with green and blue. So if you could at all please put the steps to doing this, I would appreciate it. Oh ya, I don’t know if this would help at all but the font I am using is called basscrw.

No, doesn’t help to figure out what the problem is or what to suggest to fix it.
This is a modeling subforum and you have a modeling problem. That usually requires to see the mesh or whatever object type you have in use. The easiest way to convey that information is to attach a .blend file. Can use screenshots (of the whole Blender window) to explain the problem but those are not usually enough to look around and see what the cause of the problem is.
Attach file here, or use and share the download url.

Lemme guess again… Like so?