Help with first project?

Hello, as you can see I’m new to 3d moddeling and everything, but I am absolutely loving it (except for rigging, oh lord) And this is my first project all by myself with no tutorial and such. How it is going? I have no idea how to make eyes tbh

Thats it, thanks to whoever reads this <3

For a first project, this is actually not bad. Ah yes rigging, don’t we all hate that part xD. You just have to place loop cuts at the right spots to make the eyes, good luck :slight_smile:

Or select faces where the eyes would be and extrude inwards. Then you could insert the eyeballs with spheres.

Hey, not a bad start at-all! Could you tab into edit mode of your model and upload a screenshot so we can see the topology? Will give us a better chance of helping you with adding those eyes :smiley:

Really thankful, about the topology, I already aplied the subdivision mod (I think) So its all square, but here it is anyway

I’ve been trying to make the eyes but I could not find a propper tutorial the shape I wanted :confused:

Something like this lol

Ok, little tip. Never apply Subsurf. Generally, there is never any need too, because you are left with too many verts. I believe you can add a decimate modifier, and the set it to un-subdiv and it will reverse it.

I think it workout but it is kinda messy on the middle tho :confused:

Id suggest cleaning that middle section up a little. Couple of things you could do. Select those middle verts, you can delete them and then bridge the 2 remaining edge loops. Or you can delete everything to one side of the middle verts (so left with half a model) and then add a mirror modifier. You should try to avoid tri’s aswell. :slight_smile:

Hello, I was just able to turn on my computer now, crazy day. I think I made it

And btw I was looking at your graphic novel and it is pretty fantastic man

I would try modelling it again, there’s a nice tut made by a friend of mine for modelling animals:

It uses the old blender, but the workflow is the same :wink:

One important thing though, the old blender doesn’t support ngons (faces with more than 4 edges), so it automatically solved topology problems for you. New blender doesn’t do that, so be sure all faces have only 3 or 4 edges, not more :wink:

Hello, I give it a look to the tutorial and your friend explains quite well, but it’s not the same style, unfonately, but I applied some things that he talks and it worked out fine

I tried to make the eyeholes (don’t know how it is called in english) and i think its nice maybe? Don’t know to apply a texture to the eyeball though

Much better :slight_smile: For the eyes, look into edge loops. That video Yukon linked, although a different style, will still have some useful information for you.

I dont know what im doing anymore

Try moving the UVs around.

Diving in the deep end, although fun, isn’t always the best way to go about things. Best advice I can give at the moment is not to end this project, put it on hold for a week or 2. In the mean time, look at some tutorials which show you some of the very basics of blender, in regards to topology, geometry, edge loops, UV’s etc…I always recommend tutorials from Blender Guru, because I always found them helpful when I was a noob (still am, but…). Then when you come back to this in 2 weeks time, you won’t recognise it at-all. You can look at it with completely fresh eyes, and see what you were doing wrong.

Although saying that, you’re already off to a way better start than I was. I couldn’t even work out how to move things in the viewport, and rage quit lol.

Good luck!

I agree for the tute, you look like me when I started… I just rushed into modeling without following any tutorial, but believe me they help a lot! (For the eyes, they simply look like they are rotated differently. To clear the rotation, try Alt+R on the two eyeballs and then try to rotate them again).