Help with Flame textures

Hey guys I’m making a transformers movie (bay formers) I was just wondering if anyone can help me make and apply flame textures for my Optimus Prime model, I also need a metal texture . I’ve never used photoshop and a little tutorial or maybe you could make them for me , would be nice. Thanks in advance , Jordan.

PS// check my post on the WIP thread for the prime pictures and details about my film

I dont have time to make a tutorial for you, but ill try to explain you some basic tips. First of all search on google for alpha flames. You have to find flames pics with transparent background. Then apply them in Blender Cycles in a node setup. The node setup should look something like this:
Instead of the leaf texture you put your flame texture. Its simple and based on the same technique. BANG! 10-15 minutes of work. On youtube you can find plenty of tutorials explaining you how to make alpha images in Photoshop or GIMP. (dont know what are you using).

Thanks man, looks easy and simple. trying it now