Help with flickering texture in Animation?


Anyone have an idea why the flickering?
On the trees, and the building and particularly in the walk way at the end?

thank you,

I can’t do YouTube, but I’m having flickering problems myself. Mine appear to be related to the bmp mapping, and I haven’t found any way to get rid of it.

Are the faces on the building set smooth? That’s a likely culprit.

I’ve had similar problems, but since it hasn’t been a priority, never gotten around to finding a cure. The first thing I’d try would be adjusting the OSA settings, the filter type, and filter size.

There’s also a trick for flickering you might try on this page.

Let us know if any of this works!

This doesn’t explain the building, but looking at the youtube clip, it seems that your sidewalk texture is probably too fine for the resolution you are rendering at. Usually, I get an effect like this with cloud textures that are set too small, and by bumping up the slider incrementally, then test rendering, you can achieve a good balance.

The extra “noise” in the trees and the sidewalk appear to be youtube-compression related, do they look this way in the original clip? Also, are you rendering out .avi or .mov files? You may want to check your compression settings, as they will likely need to be set separately from the Blender output settings. As a rule, if you output video files, you should use no compression (you will get some big files, though). Even better are Targa frames, if you have the means to re-assemble them later…
Anyhow, hope it helps…

These days I tend to use PNGs instead of Targas. Like Targas, they have an alpha channel, but they’re losslessly compressed so they don’t take up as much hard drive space. I tend to save rendered frames for a long time, so the space savings is worthwhile.

I had the same problem lately. Just select the flickering object, press F9 and then click on “auto smooth” in the “mesh” box.

In addition to the above, Normals could be the culprit (flip to the outside), as well as duplicated planes (remove doubles).

Yes. The original is showing the flickering also.
I am rendering to individual .tga and then compiling them in Blender.
Then I’m using ALLOK to dumb it down to mpeg4 and the end result
in all of my other test work has been fine.
No compression used until it gets to ALLOK.
This is the only one that has the flickering problem.

I’ll get to it soon and make some changes and see what happens.

Thanks everyone.

Which “slider” do you mean?


@seabee: great tip, and it’s rather easy to do it with nodes.

Other thing you may want to try is to play with the Nabla parameter for procedural textures (try widening the nambla value for larger sample areas. It’s nearly always there when you hit F6).

The flickering/sinking polygons (top right, 00:00-00:06) suggest either something gone awry with the normals or malformed geometry.

one thing that can cause flickering, is, shadeless object/s ( especially with alpha channel ) plus ambient occlussion. also, if it’s occuring on a large single poly plane, sometimes subdividing it can help.