Help with FPS controls?

I have a problem with my controls for aiming in on my FPS. Whenever I shoot with left mouse button it flashes a screen from my aim and shoot animation. If you get rid of the aim and shoot it stops doing that. Play the game use left mouse to shoot right to aim and both to aim and shoot but notice how it flashes when you go to aim and when you go to shoot. I have the animations for aiming and shooting using f-curves. Here is the file so you know what I am talking about. FpsStartwithfamas.blend (1.13 MB)

I am kinda new to this so please explain easily or if you don’t mind can you fix it for me and tell me what you did?

the problem is is that when you do the aiming animation is is actually animating the gun to move into aim and therefore when you left click to shoot it jumps back to teh position of the start of the shoot animation. sry if this hard to understand its late and im sleepy sry lol anyways i would suggest making the camera have the zoom in animation to eliminate the problem and also if you think about it that’s really what happens in real life you put your head down to the gun kinda or you meat half way anyways hope that helps.

Oh ok I see what you mean thank you mrn

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