Help with fur texturing

hello, I was wondering how to make my dog look more furry and how to get rid of the white blotches everywhere. any other feedback welcome

Try to comb the hair as you want it to be, i never did this but just a thought.
About the white spots, it looks like your specularity/reflectivity is cranked up way to high.

specularity is at 0 and reflection is at the default
the fur is already long and combed back

attach the blend file, and I will help. I prefer to do that then to tell you in a long response.

it wont let me attach it

you should take a look at the particle settings and textures used for the big buck bunny characters, you can download them here:

Ok. Well, I would say turn down the length and the amount. Then use weight paint to set where it goes.

Creating fur with the particle system

I an using weight paint to set where it goes
i will look into the other links