Help with game character


 I just finished a fairly successful walk cycle for a game character I created.  I set up the walk cycle to react on the upkey.  I also placeed a basic plane under the character.  The problem is at some point while the character is walking, she just falls through the plane and stops.  I can't seem to get the character to stay on the plane with out her falling through.  Does any one know any solutions to this problem?



Check the size of the bounding sphere??!! The doted circle must “touch” the feet level
Or check if the ground plane have “collision” enabled for the faces??!!


2.33 has a serious physics bug which causes dynamic objects to fall through the floor at seemingly random times during a game.

The more complex a game is, the more frequently and sooner it happens.

There is no fix for this, but you could try different bounding shapes and see if that helps.