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O.K., I need some help with the blender game engine. I am wondering how I can get some basic objects in my scene to be controlled remotely by the player. Almost a telekinetic effect. I was thinking I could do something like this with fields (vortex and spherical, for example) , but I was unable to get this to work. I am looking for and effect like one shown in this video : (It is the Cellfactor revolution video at the very top. I am looking for an effect like the charecter with the glowing hands has that can move all of the objects in the scene) If anyone out there knows how to do what I am talking about, please answer my question. All help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Do you know python?

is it just me or does this seem like the exact thing the physics engine is geared towards. The only issue right now is the ket…whatever teh current realtime render is, but ogre will bring it much closer as a whole. Anyway do a search for “gravity gun” there was a demo floating around of a gravity gun used to pick up cars barrels and such. The scripts might give you some ideas.

It can be done using Python scripting indeed. The basic idea is to collect the rigidbodies in some way, and then apply an impulse in the direction you want it to fly (toward your ‘virtual hand’. Picking a single object can also be done using constraints. not sure if there is a demo that does this already.

Good idea, perhaps good for a 2.43 demo…

there was a game with a gravity gun, and you could aim at objects, swing the gun and let go and the object would fly in that direction

Thanks for all the feedback.

I don’t really know all that much python. Could anyone post a code for this, or even give me a tutorial on how to do this without codeing. Thanks