Help with Game Engine

Hello, this is my first post here…
i’m making experiments with bullet physics engine, but i have a little problem… i made a wall with cubes, and a hammer on a side of it, the idea is:
start animation with P
hold left mouse button to hit the wall

but if you wait a little before hitting, the “bricks” are like transparent and the hammer has no effect on them.

Also, if you can hit them, they will continue to roll on the floor indefinitely…

i tried everything, but nothing seems to work…

the file is uploaded here:

any help?



PS: I’m from Argentina, so that’s why it is in spanish

Select each individual cube, and press Control-A. That worked for me (except for the fact that after that the wall falls down by itself, but I’m sure you can fix that).

Yeah, that worked excellent… but i don’t understand why though…
why do i have to apply size and rotation before even doing that?
Also… i wanted to ask… is there any way of making a breakable wall like this, but well done it ? i mean, there’s no way you can do it brick by brick… and also it has no balance



New Update
Now the cubes stop rotating when they are down (still don’t understand why), but i’ve noticed something else…
All the cubes are balanced, so the wall won’t collapse… if you pay attention you’ll see that they vibrate when the GE starts…
while they are vibrating they can be hitted, but when they stop, the hammer pass through

i have no idea why is this… could it be a GE bug ?

Thank you again

frapell, it’s not a bug, just a quirk of the BGE. In the Realtime panel, where you set the mass of the object, above the mass there’s a ‘No Sleeping’ button. When the physics sleep (stop calculating), the hammer can go through the blocks. So, to make sure the hammer hits the blocks, select the ‘No Sleeping’ button in order to prevent the rigid body physics from stopping.

As far as the vibrations go, just play with the Realtime settings, like mass, damping, etc,… to stablize things.

Ohh, i see, thank you very very much, i wil do that…