Help with getting a surface smoothed correctly

Hi, I’m new to modeling and after watching many tutorials i started working with some old ideas i had long been meaning to. It’s been almost 5 months since, and though i have come a long way, I’m stuck with a few problems i can’t fix, concerning the correct flow, or smoothness, of some surfaces I’m trying to make. I have spent many hours trying to get the vertexes to where the need to be but I’m not sure i can succeed that way.

In the pictures you can see some places where i have these problems, the reflections from the long rectangular lamps (i put those so that i could better see the imperfections) don’t match across the seam in 1, and in 2 you can see how the reflections are not smooth (concavity should be continuous) and go up and down.
Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated! The answer may be that I’m no good, for now at least, but if thats it, then the sooner i hear it, the better!

I included more pictures of the same part so you can better understand the issue. If i can do anything to help you help me, please let me know.

In the first picture only the materials are different.

a wireframe render would help. go into the object panel and you’ll see some object specific draw options. click on ‘wireframe’ then take a screen shot ( while in solid draw mode ) of your object.

If you are looking for a precision zebra stripes and NURBS modeling in professional tools would achieve, i somehow doubt it’s possible in polygon modeler on gaps between different objects (or parts of the mesh).

Thanks for your answers!

JA12: the tutorial is very interesting and goes in line with what eppo said. I first attempted to do this model using nurbs but i abandoned it after being unable to sort some problems. It seems like I will have to give it another try!

Modron: is this what you meant?