Help with getting screen cast keys to work

Hi, I am trying to get my screen cast keys to work. I am using a laptop with Windows 7 Professional 4g ram 64 Bit. I also am trying to use the new Blender 2.76 but, I had the same problem with 2.75 but, “not with 2.74” I installed the same key I used on my home PC…still using 2.75 on that but, working screen cast. I installed the key and able to enable it in user preferences and when I go to the right side and select to start display I do get a error…I believe its the same one that I had with the 2.75. Maybe someone is familiar with this error. Im including the screen shot file I used wont upload :frowning: Thanks for any help

this is what is written in the file I used. When I try to upload it added a rft to the extension

import bgl
import blf
import time

def draw_callback_px(self, context):

# draw some text
blf.size(20, 72)

final = 0
for i in range(len(self.key)):
    if time.time()-self.time[i] < 2:
        blf.position(15, 50+20*i, 0)
        final = i
self.key = self.key[:final+1]
self.time = self.time[:final+1]

class ScreencastKeysStatus(bpy.types.Operator):
‘’‘Draw keys pressed in 3DView’’’
bl_idname = “view3d.screencast_keys”
bl_label = “Screencast Key Status Tool”

def modal(self, context, event):

    ignore_keys = ['LEFT_SHIFT', 'RIGHT_SHIFT', 'LEFT_ALT', 'RIGHT_ALT', 'LEFT_CTRL',


    if event.value == 'PRESS':        
        sc_keys = []
        if event.shift:
            sc_keys.append('Shift ')
        if event.alt:
            sc_keys.append('Alt ')
        if event.ctrl:
            sc_keys.append('Ctrl ')

        if event.type not in ignore_keys:
            self.key.insert(0, "+ ".join(map(str, sc_keys)))
            self.time.insert(0, time.time())

    if event.type == ('F7'):
        return {'CANCELLED'}

    return {'PASS_THROUGH'}

def invoke(self, context, event):
    if context.area.type == 'VIEW_3D':

        # Add the region OpenGL drawing callback
        # draw in view space with 'POST_VIEW' and 'PRE_VIEW'
        self._handle = context.region.callback_add(draw_callback_px, (self, context), 'POST_PIXEL')

        self.key = []
        self.time = []

        return {'RUNNING_MODAL'}
    else:{'WARNING'}, "View3D not found, cannot run operator")
        return {'CANCELLED'}

def register():

def unregister():

if name == “main”:

I used what may have been a different screen cast file and when I added it there were 2 screen cast boxes in the addons list for the screen cast. Unchecked one then checked the other and it worked. Closed it out and restarted blender and still was good. so I deleted the other screen cast addon box…all is good for now.