Help with GIMP

(Pooba) #1

I have that image program, Gimp, and i’ve made a kind of fence texture. I need the spaces inbetween the fence “wires” to be transparent. I set the thing up so that one of the layers is transparent, but the spaces in between the wires are white. If i use the eraser, it does make it transparent, but it would take a long time to get every single one. Is there a way to fill with transparency?


(mrunion) #2

Do you have more than one layer in the image?

(Ben) #3

-Your problem ,if you have a background transparent is, how to select the wires in the other layer.If the wires of the fence has one color,you can open the rapid menu(RMB)than Select -By Color.When it open a window with your the color of the wires.Close the window and press CTRL+X.The wires will dissepear if the under layer is transp.

(Ben) #4

-Have I written wires??? I mean holes.
Probably I was thinking to something else!!!

(joecool) #5

Actually, if you are using the texture in a game, why don’t you just make the background between the holes black, and then in the texture buttons press the Alpha button? Maybe I’m not understanding properly…