help with gimp

how do i create an alpha map for blender in GIMP?

please heeelp

If you have your image in GIMP with transparency already there (you can see the checkerboard), then all you have to do is save in a format that understands alpha (PNG or 32-bit TGA spring to mind).

well how would i make just part of the image invisible but have the rest visible and then use this in blender

Select the part you want to be transparent and clear it (so you can see the checkerboard pattern). That would be the easiest way. Then save the file like I said before, load it into blender as a texture and press the “Use Alpha” button.

well heres what i did i made new image and selected the “bucket fill” and then i selected the opacity bar and set it to 0.00 and then filled the image and painted vines over it but then when i put in blender and select use alpha it looks opaque

Why/what are you bucket filling? Just draw your vines. What file format are you using?

When you create an new image, select Transparent as the background color