help with glass and hair particles

Hi all,

I’m trying to make eye glasses with refraction for a character with particle hair. All was good until I changed the lense material’s transparency from Ztransparency to Raytrace. Now the hairs don’t show behind the lenses.

I’ve tried using different lights and tweaking other stuff I don’t necessarily understand. But no luck yet.

This screenies show the Ray tranp at the top (hair disappears behind lenses) and Z trans below, but no IOR on lenses.

Can anyone help please?


Well I though I found the answer when I discovered that the Strand render option doesn’t work with raytrace and is therefore invisible behind transparent objects.

But testing with strand render turned off gave me this:

Ugly straw hair and still invisible.

Hmmm… any thoughts anyone?

particles seem to dissapear with raytrace transparancy…

So no way around this for now? I hope if this is the case, sometime there will be a way of having particles and Ray transp together…