Help with Glossy Material

Hello everyone. I am trying to create a logo and have the material glossy. Also I would like the blue parts of the logo to stand out like the other green parts. And how do I achieve a clear white background. I am not sure how to achieve this. If someone can please assist. I will be most grateful. Thank you.


If the shadows aren’t supposed to be there, the lamp properties should allow you to disable their casting (so the background is a single shade of white).

I’m not sure what you mean by making the blue stand out, the blue parts appear to be there already (unless you mean you want the deep blue areas to be smaller, which can be done by tweaking the values in the mapping node).

Thanks for the response. I changed the value for my blue colour to 1 and the gradient fill looks a lot better now. Thanks for pointing that out.

I will keep playing around with the lighting and other values to get what I want.