Help with glowy things, please!

First of all, I AM NOT A STAR WARS FANATIC! I am making a lightsaber, and it is very simple, but I like it. I want to make the lightsaber glow like, well, a lightsaber! :smiley: I was messing with Halo settings, but that just makes a bunch of glowing dots. And when ever I get it how I want it, it affects the entire sword, not just the blade. And yes, I have the blade on its own vertex material setting, and I thought I was editing only that, but no, it’s just the whole thing!!! :x
Thanks in advance! Saxofoner :Z

A while back I saw a plugin for blender that will render out the very thing you are looking for. I can’t remember where it was at exactly but I’m sure if you google for Blender Lightsaber plugin, or even search the forums for Lightsaber plugin, you will find it. If I happen to run accross it again, I will post the link for you.

P.S. Have you tried to make the blade as a seperate mesh from the hilt then parent the blade and hilt together. From there do what you are currently doing on the blade only.

Lightsaber plugin:
Also do a search on this forum for lightsaber. You’ll see that there are several methods to create the same effect.

You can achieve this effect with halos.


  1. Make a cylinder. This is the base of the saber. You can make it blue, green whatever is the color of your saber.
  2. Duplicate the cylinder you just created in the object mode. This will be your halo part of the saber.
  3. Go to the edit mode a subdivide the halo part a few times so that the dots are quite evenly around there.
  4. Set up the halo material for the halo part. IMPORTANT! Set the alpha value very low. It can be around 0.010! Feel free to tweak halo settings.

Here is a website on making it. I never tried this method, but it is another start.

Thanks A LOT! I love these forums. You can get answers to life’s persistent questions here! Like how to make a lightsaber glow… :smiley:

But no, really, thank you, I will try those methods as soon as I can.

I made a mini tutorial on it

I just always used a plane, then deleted all vertices except 2, creating an edge. Then subdivide a few times (maybe more), duplicate. You need 1 of these planes for the saber “core” and one for the outer glow. Then rename them as such. Name one something like sabercore and one saberglow. Use the Halo setting and adjust to your liking. I think it works well and i’ll post a pic sometime soon.

Here is a link to the pic of the entire saber I made in Blender.

Thanks, now I have a good saber, but when I try to duplicate it, the blade dissapears, leaving me with a handle. Also, the duplicate is linked. I’m using the Shift-D Duplication, and yet it seems to be linked. I will post some pictures soon.