Help with going through objects?

  1. So I installed the landscape add-on in blender and I sized it up and made a world for my fps. I have simple motion actuators for movement on a cube and it has dymanic physics. But when there is a slope in the landscape the cube just walks right through it and falls through. How do I stop that from happening.

  2. Similar problem, I have a few other cubes that I have on the landscape and the cube also goes right through those.

Post a blend with the problem as it could be many things going wrong.

Some tip that may or may not help:

  • Make sure the collision bounds is of an appropriate type.

  • If You use triangle mesh as collision bound it may help if the actual mesh is triangles only too.

  • Too big faces in the ground may cause problems.

  • Set a bigger collision margin. Will make things go over the surface smother to.

  • Simple motion that setts location cause problems. The player is teleported to next place an may end up already in/passed the collision zone. Use set speed or even better force - the servo option is a good (better) way to set speed.

This whole thing is a bit off black magic - don’t give up!

Post a .blend and I can Help.

DesertCamp.blend (759 KB)
Here is the blend file and just so you know, the cubes around the area were a failed boundary line for the limits of the lvl if you know what I am saying. I had a hard time making them and probably need help with that to.