Help with gpu choice

Hello blender artists.

I recently built a workstation rig for cg, running with a decade old gpu, due to obvious reasons. I had hoped i would get some use out of it, but it bottlenecks the system, the 3D viewport is borderline unusable with the default cube and camera/light setup, and the slowdown is consistent with bigger scenes, like the classroom one from

Now, i am looking into buying a new gpu. The market being as is i am thinking of either getting the cheapest 3060 i can get my hands on so i can work and then wait to see how prices will change, getting a 3080 ti at a “reasonable” price to msrp ratio (2x), or, if possible, get a 3090 vat free through the company i work for, but that is not a sure thing.

What are your thoughts? Get a cheap one just for the viewport and render with cpu, or try to “invest” on a 50 to 100 % msrp card? I considered going with a Radeon gpu but i am not sure how they compare, those damn RTX and optix technologies seem too sweet to pass on.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to BA!

Your first thought about getting a 3060 seems the most reasonable one for now. It’s a good gpu which will give you a huge boost in rendering speed compared to the one you have now, and furthermore it has 12gb of Vram, which is pretty decent for nowadays. Gpu prices won’t come down any time soon, so the 3080ti or the 3090 will keep remaining unreachable for most users.

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“Blender Open Data” for benchmarks.
And forget about AMD.

Thanks for the replies. I am aware of open data, did not think of comparing there though, will do.

My main issue with just getting a 3060 and be done with it is that since prices do not seem to be going down and i will pay more than the regular price, maybe i should get something extra that will not need to be changed as fast. Hence the 3080 ti idea. I will thoroughly check open data and compare the cards.