Help with grey screen!!!

When ever i go on Blender on my computer it will come up as normal but then a few minutes later everything will turn grey. I really want to start doing more things on Blender, but now I’m only able to do things at school and I want to start working at home.

My computer is pretty old it’s about 10 years old (its the family computer so i can’t really replace it)

I’m using Windows 7

and my Graphics Card is Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

I don’t know much about computer stuff but I kinda have a feeling its the card but i just want to know if I can do anything else to fix the problem

Any help is appreciated and thank you


In File / User Preferences / System, try changing the Window Draw Method. Try setting to ‘Overlap’ which may be more suitable for use with such an old machine