Help with Hackers

This was sent to me after was deleted and reset.

Hello.Your site was terminated for hack scripts in your hosting
account:[email protected] [/tmp/…/…/ls/…]# du -h556K ./sys130M
./ark131M .These are strictly prohibited and very very very bad for the
server and our network.What kind of scripts are you running?Thanks.

What I need to know is HOW someone can load this so I can figure out how to prevent it from happening again. I dont know what these do or what they are. Help would be appreciated here. could use the help.

Is this something that the webhost was supposed to protects us from?

Let me guess… Cpanel hosting and you’ve been using free scripts from Cpanel /fantastico for your site? Or using a Free CMS /Forum?

Many ways for sites to be hacked… an insecure script that allows uploading of files, for example take my file uploading site - somone could exploit it by uploading a PHP file and then visiting the page (wont work because its been secured before any script kiddy trys it) so it actuall is parsed through the PHP engine and does whatever is coded in the page… say spam 9999999 e-mail addresses…

No way a web host can prevent hacking becaus of somthing caused by you, especially from your own web scripts… What they do protect you (or theoretically should) is from OS insecuritys, web server insecurities and other applications they install such as databases, PHP etc… i.e. configuring them securly, and when an exploit is found in the program patch it instantly… and other things such as DOS attack on the Networks… but again if you upload a virus and run it on your own server (say a dedicated server… theres very little they can actually do.

Intresting. Thanks for posting so fast. Will it be a good idea to host the forum on a sepreate website?