Help with hair particles

Hello everyone! Writing here for the first time(sorry if some mistakes in this thread). I need some help with hair particles. i have model with a lot of other hair particles and subdivision modifier. I need to do eyebrows. I’be tryed a lot and the best variant is interpolated children. But there is a problem: model don’t has enough polygons for good weight paint for vertex group. How can i make weight painting with more amount of polygons in this place? I tryed to subdivied only eyebrows place polygons, but other hairs went crazy and cannot be edited after it.

Many times I’ll do this: select the faces where they emit from. Duplicate them and move them slightly inside the mesh. Subdivide them a couple times and then weight paint them. It might be easier to make them a separate object too, depends on your ultimate goal and if a single mesh is important to you.

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Well, rigging is my problem also, but this is the best way i guess)