Help with Halo Game

Hi, this is the first thing I’ve posted on this website so far, but I am having some question’s about making a first person shooter game.
(1) I would like to know how to make my gun shoot, like I would like the bullets to go from my gun to the tarket instantly, do I use a RAY setting or is there another way
(2) Like in Halo, I would like to be able to go from first person to third person when I get in a vehicle.
(3) Also in halo they have the sniper rifle which has what it see’s on the screen on top the sniper rifle
(4) this one I really want to know, how do you make to were you can switch weapons, like in Halo were you have two weapons, but can switch them off, any ideas, it would be really helpfull

Hello and welcome
for a first post, its a simple one! :wink:
Don’t you want to try with some cubes and basic actions, first?
Anyway, I don’t know Halo, you must wait for some guru!

Here is a couple of sites that will help…

1- you want to use a ray and python, to get the object that’s hit and apply damage. If you don’t know python, I recommend learning it before you try anything more advanced than breakout. Also, a note- bullets, while very fast, do take time to get where they’re going- for a little more realism I like to spawn an object for each bullet, that moves and casts a ray along its path. realism aside, it’s a lot more satisfying to shoot a distant target and see the bullet zing away (it should only take a few frames, however)

2- This is mostly a matter of moving the camera. When you get into a vehicle, I’m going to assume you’ve parented the player to the vehicle. In this case, I’d switch to a camera that’s parented directly to the vehicle, but starts in the same place as the player camera, and then you can just use an IPO to move it to where you want.
Personally I like to leave in at least the front of the player model in first-person, so you can see your body when you look down (it beats me why anyone would make the player invisible to themselves) but if you have the player optimized for first person or nonexistent, make sure to change the player model to a mid-distance one.

3-You can use render-to-texture for this, do a search either here or on google. There are a fair number of tutorials and example files.

4-There are a lot of different ways to do weapon switching, personally I use lists. If you make a list with 2 slots (one for each weapon) and then a variable that keeps track of whichever the current weapon is, you can just toggle the variable to change weapons. If you keep all weapon stats in a global variable or external file, the actual list can hold just the name of the weapon in the slot and the current ammo count, and the rest can be grabbed from the external source.

Thanks everyone, I forgot to ask how I can switch a weapon back and forth with the same button, if anyone can help with that, please tell me.

For switching it back and forth I would use ipo’s. Make the ipo’s set up for one button, make it so when the button is push, the other gun apears in your hands, and the gun you were holding goes on your back (or side, or wherever). Then when you push the specific button, the gun will change. If you want it to show you changing the guns, you just have to make a simple animation of the first gun going down, then the next gun going up back to the screen.
I hope that helped, if you need more description just message me and I will help any way I can.:smiley:

Also I would like to know where I could find free halo models and such, I do not want to use them in my game, I just want to study them and learn how they make them, its to help my skill level in animating. Thanks ahead of time.

Aren’t you the guy who’s previous thread asking for halo models was locked? there’s tons of models around that are legal to use, try searching with google. There might be some stuff on Turbosquid, though I think those are mostly not free, and not game res.

Yeah, some guy miss understood me, and closed my thread before I could reply and explain. I have been searching google a lot, but it can be hard to find stuff sometimes. But thanks for the website, I’ll look it up right now.

Using, requesting and redistributing copyrighted models is not allowed on these forums. Make your own Halo models or better yet design your own character. Halo isn’t a great base to work from anyway. The banal is rarely an optimum starting point.

If you make a Halo fan game it will be worse than Halo and people will put it down because of that. If you just make your own space marine shooter then you will have accomplished more, have more unified graphics and probably earn more praise.

Part of Halo’s popularity was from the original creativity in it. If you copy it then you are taking that away.
Try to come up with original ideas and base your game off of that.
If you are just wanting similar gameplay to Halo (not making a remake) then that is a smart direction to head in.

if you are going with similar gameplay to halo it also means you dont have to create mastercheif, you can just make any dude with armour.

@ Inferno: I think you misunderstood why PlantPerson locked your previous thread (just for clarity’s sake, my post came later–moderators are allowed to post in locked threads). If you would have carefully read the forum rules (<–link) as I politely requested that you do, you would not be asking the same questions again.

Please allow me to explain a bit to help you understand why you may not ask for commercial Halo models on these forums.

  • It is illegal to redistribute or download models from commercial games. It doesn’t matter what you want to use them for. So you are quite clearly requesting information about illegal activities.
  • The Forum Rules and Policy of clearly state:

Requesting, providing information about, or advertising illegal activities or the results thereof is considered inappropriate.
and farther down in the rules you will find this:
Inappropriate content is to be

  • locked, in the case of a thread with illustrative properties…

Your thread was locked because it had illustrative properties (that means it showed what not to do and what happens when you do that sort of thing). The same will happen to this thread if you don’t stop asking for commercial models.

I hope that we are not making you feel unwelcome. That is not the intention at all. However, please read the forum rules as was previously requested.

@ Rorkimaru: Don’t make offers like that in public discussions. If you want to discuss ways to circumvent the forum rules, please at least have the decency to do it through a PM. Putting it out in public like that is like smacking the mods in the face. :wink:

Edit: BTW, I am not saying that it is okay to discuss that sort of thing in a PM. It still isn’t. Read the forum rules :smiley:

Oh, well sorry, I apologize for my miss understanding, I won’t ask anymore, please everyone do not reply to my latist post. I will just keep it at asking how to make a game with my own stuff, sorry for the confusion, I am new to this stuff. Thanks for the warning.

And to most of the other comments, I am making this game for fun, its just to get my skill level better, I have never expected to make something I would want to show on the internet. I really love the halo story, and wanted to finish it. So thenks for the tips, maybe if I ever get anywere I will change the the models and stuff, but untill then I don’t think I could keep interest in my own ideas. Thanks for the help though.

Another question I have is I would like to know how to stop you player from walking through walls, I have tried using bounds, but that does not work right, I know that Yo Frankie game uses collision? Something like that, but would that be good to do in my game? And if so, how do I do it? Any help would be great.

Are you using dLoc for motion? You need to use Force or LinV (or servo motion) if you don’t want your character to go through walls and floors. These options only show up if you make your character Dynamic instead of Static.

Well should I do anything special for the terrain?

What do you mean by special terrain?