Help with hand animations

Hello, can someone create some animations for me, with the following .blend file:

(The .blend file is shared by eGlyde, it is not mine)

The hands are fully rigged, and what I want are the 4 following animations:

Please note that the right hand will always carry a flashlight like that, so act like it. And there is a head camera already place from where you can see the hands.

–>relaxing, where both arms and hands do a tiny motion in order to give the character the feel of breathing (here it might help moving the camera at the head also).

–>checking the watch, at the left arm near the hand I am gonna place a watch. So I ll need the left hand to make an action like this while the right one remains unaffected.

–>grab, where the left arm goes forward and the hand does something like this:

–>sprinting, well if you don’t what exactly i mean, here it is:

I intend to use the animations in a game, so let me know if you need more info.

Best to ask in the Volunteer Jobs forum. The animation and rigging forum is asking for help with understanding, correcting fixes, and other types of rigging and animation support. Plus you might get a faster response in the Volunteer Jobs forum anyway.

Good luck with your game. Be sure to credit the original artist after you’re done.

You are right Rod, I’ll move it. Thanks.