help with hand

I’ve been working on a hand, and the initial mesh looks good, but when I SubSurf it looks like the second picture. with some subdivision and SD smooth it looks like the third picture, but I still can’t get it right. the bottom is good, but I’d like some help. I also don’t want to start over, because I still get the same and worse.


I looks like the model is either made of four separate pieces, or it has a lot of internal faces. Remove the internal faces or join the pieces together and it should be ok

ok, but how do I do that? sorry to be a noob, but this is my first organic. I’ve been tinkering with it, but haven’t figured out how. I think its a set of pieces, but they are on the same, set isn’t it? anyway, they are pieces, not different objects, so how do I join them?

You can delete unwanted faces by selecting the face and hitting X, but it’s best to leave them out from the start. The way i make a hand, is, start by making one finger, duplicate it three times, scale each one a bit, so that they are not all the same size, then, join the fingers by filling in between them with faces, and build back from there, starting with the knuckles. The thumb is the trickiest part, because it sticks out of the hand at an irregular angle. Another way to make a hand, is to build it from seperate pieces, then use the composite hand as a base upon which to construct a new mesh using the retopo tool. ( kind of tricky if you are not used to the retopo tool )

What you want to do is make the vertices that you placed close together one vertex, so that the whole forms a ‘waterproof’ (so to speak) mesh.

You could try Remove Doubles in the menu that pops up when you press W. Be careful, it joins vertices that are close together, so it might well join vertices that you want to keep seperate.

Best way to go at it is manually; select two vertices, press Alt+M and select the option you want (which doesn’t matter much considering you already placed them all next to each other).

Then, very importantly, delete the inner faces. Just go into wireframe mode to see them, select them and delete.

i know,
select all verts > ctrl v > merge doubles

thanks guys! it took me while, but I did it! thanks to ionee the most, if he didn’t post, I wouldn’t have fixed it. here it is,


It looks like you’ve still got some internal faces.
That or the models actually got those indents…
Instead of wirefame mode, turn off “occlude background geomtry”
And in face select mode, select the faces where you’ve got all those indents.
X > Delete Faces ( If you chooose delete verts you’ll get a big hole)
Here’s a great tutorial on modelling a hand.
I suggest you improvise, some parts aren’t so easy to follow when your just starting out

alright, I’ve ironed out most of the other problems, but now I have a big one. I’m armatureing it, and the bones look alright, but when I use it, I cant get it to bend the fingers straight, and the index, middle and thumb distort each other. could someone fix it for me? I’ve never done armatures before, and just would like someone to fix it.


hand.blend (191 KB)

You still have lots of internal faces.

About the distortion: You just have to be a bit more careful when weight painting, make sure you only paint the vertices you want to be affected by the bone. For the bones in the thumb you have painted some vertices from the index finger and vice versa (same problem with the middle finger and the ring finger)

I didn’t weight paint, and I don’t know how to change internal vertices. need help.

How did you attach the mesh to the armature?
I’m guessing you did create from bone heat.
Which automatically weight paints the model for you.
So this is why your getting ugly distortion, go back and check the weight paint.
If you don’t know how, then your a bit ahead of yourself.

I think you should check out this tutorial.
heres the page for the weight painting,
And the Index page here,
Which I suggest you start from, iti’ll give you a good idea of blender’s tools, how to use them, how to animate.
It’s great.

And apparently you still don’t understand the concept of internal faces/edges.
So here’s a screenshot, with a highlighted edge. Hopefully this clears it up.
It’s the reason you normals are screwed up, (all the random black faces)


the lines through it? ok, I’ll try. I’d still like someone to do the armature though.

Well, we’ve already told you whats wrong with it.
Have a shot at it yourself ?

a few reasons.

  1. I have no idea what, or how to fix them.
  2. I’ve tried.
  3. this is my first organic and first armature.

I just can’t do it. I’d like someone to fix the armature, and I’ll fix the rest. I just can’t do the armature.

reds. Have you even read the link cire792 posted, it pretty much explains exactly what you need to do.

The fact that you have no idea how to do the thing you are trying to do is a sign that you might be trying to do something too hard for the level of your experience

alright, I think I know what to do. I’ll give it a shot. by the way, I only want to model. I thought armatures would make bending the fingers easier.

They could.
As long as you know what your doing.
Even though the link I posted was for character animation, the knowledge can still be applied to posing.