Help with hatched pattern

i’m trying to achieve a not realistic render with cross hatched patterns.
what i’m trying to achieve is to color the whole model with blue; and in the darker areas, the pattern show up. this is how i did it, but it is coloring the black areas of the pattern, instead of the white.
thanks in advance

It’s hard to tell what your node setup is doing because we can’t see how those texture files looks like. We don’t know what is in the alpha chanel and what is it doing.
There is an invert node that you may want to use somewhere here.

nothing special about the image. i got it online for testing purposes from here:

i’m also uploading the blend file. it contains 2 materials that are still not exactly what I want, if it is of any help.
hachuras.blend (741.0 KB)


How’s this?

YEEES, thats the hint I needed!
I just changed some things, and its perfect now!
all I have to do in order to change the overall color is modify the RGB wheel.

Thanks for the help!