Help with health bar

Hi I need someone to provide me with a method of subtracting heath from my health bar on a collision.

Here’s my setup so far:

I have the player character who can run around

I have a health bar that can subtract health(always good). But the only way I’ve been able to subtract the health is by adding a space bar control that subtracts health when I press it.

I have a cube that’s supposed to subtract health from the health bar when the player character collides with it. <— this is what I need help with

If you could, please help me make it so that when my player collides with the cube, the health bar subtracts health.

I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the property of the health bar through the player or cube’s nodes.

I’m fine with python but I’m really a noob at it.

Please tell me if this didn’t make any sense and I’ll try to clarify

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