Help with Help with holes in a hub tutorial/thread

Hellooo, I have basically been doing along the lines of the ‘Help with holes in a hub’ thread, but with a flat plane. I was using the thread to see if it answered my problem but sadly it didn’t. I thought I’d reference the thread/tutorial so people had an idea what it was though. :spin:

Anyway, my problem is that when I create my custom, hole-y face, when I set it smooth it creates very nasty shady areas in the face. These shady areas follow the edge lines of the faces. I’m sure a lot of people have encountered this before and was wondering what I can do to cure it.

If you need a reference picture just ask.

Thanks a bunch.

i think what you mean is just smoothing…in the mesh editing tab when you are in edit mode, youshould see a button called modifiers…click it and click edgesplit.

hope this helps, if it dosent, sorry…im quite tired right now

Jesus. That was simple! Cheers very much! I never knew it existed!