Help with Icon Please!!!

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering, you know, when you save blender as runtime, is it possible to change the icon? Like the starter icon and the application icon? It’s not that I don’t want people to know I used Blender, because I included a splash screen, but it would be cool to have my own logo or icon instead of the blender one. Does anyone know? Thanks.

It’s possible to change the icon for any file/program you choose. But it’s different on each platform. What OS are you running?

Operating System right? It’s XP SP2. So there’s no way? I can’t convert is to something else?

You can convert it to something else. You’ll need a good resource hacker/editor to do it, though. Try Resource Editor or Resource Hacker. I’ve tried it before, and if I remember correctly, I was able to change the icon once, but forgot how I did it. The next time I tried I ended up with a corrupted file. So it takes some effort. If neither of those programs work for you, try searching Google for how to change the icon of a Windows executable file.

It can be done and its pretty easy. I changed all my window icons, but I dont remember what program I used. I thought it was tweak, but its not.

Try searching at and post it here when you find something, OK? $20 $50 $30 $15

I wonder how difficutlt it is to code an app like this in c+?

use a resource hacker to change the icon of blenderplayer.exe inside your main blender folder. that way the icon of your game will be the same as whatever you made the blenderplayer.exe. and it wont corrupt your exe.

Thanks a lot everyone.

However, if someone doesn’t have Blender, and i do it marvo’s way, will the icon still appear?

Dont really know, but I think not. Thats probably where the icon originates and thats why he posted it.

Change it there and it will be changed in all the .exe you produce.

it will… just stick the .ico file in the same folder as your exe

This way does work in theory. In the Blender 2.25 days there was actually a program called Icon Replacer which worked this way, but unfortunately it no longer works with newer versions of Blender. If you use Resource Hacker to replace the icon of blenderplayer.exe, the new icon will, in theory, be carried onto all runtimes you make later, but I have yet to replace an icon with Resource Hacker without corrupting the EXE.

Have you tried resource editor? or perhaps they are the same code.

thanks for the heads up.