help with image sequencer bug on on frame range

Hi, I sent a file attached using the sequence editor. It does not matter that the links are broken.
The thing is, I want to render just some frames, for instance, starting in the frame 2100. But when I try, blender renders the frame 4199 and then saves it as 2100!!

It takes a long time to render everything again in such a big sequence. Anyone knows if this is a bug or what am I doing wrong?

If I disable the sequence editor, it renders the right frame.


showreel01.blend (1.18 MB)

I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. I tried rendering using your file and it works in the sense that the first frame is 2100.
Unfortunately, without content, I cannot verify that it renders the content of some other frame.
Make sure you have set the start frame to be 2100 and the end frame whatever so that the VSE will render whatever is within that range. Shouldn’t be that hard to do.
What puzzles me really is the dopesheet and the keyframes there. What are you trying to accomplish with that?

It’s easy to see if it is working. While rendering, it says the frame it is rendering. In my case, it goes to 4000 something. Then it saves that frame with the right name.

It should not be black. There should be some text in almost all frames until 2000 something. But since it goes to 4000, there is nothing there.

I really think it is a bug. Only when the sequencer is activated does that happens.

Yes, I did all that should be obvious, like checking the right frames, rendering to command line and so on. It really should just work.

I was trying to recreate my reel without after effects. And I am quite happy with how easier it was, except for this problem!
The sequencer is not quite a replacement for after effects, but it comes very close.

This is the result

All compositing was with blender. My first time mixing videos without after.

Of course, if I sent the file with the footage, it would be really big.