help with importing .ai files and extrusion

Can someone talk me through this, I basically just want to extrude a logo and apply some materials and stuff to it. I’ve imported an illy file and I can see the logo but it doesn’t seem to work the same as normal 3d objects, the extrude command doesn’t seem to work, and there’s some weird fills in parts of the letters. I take it I’m missing something, anyone know?

:ba: <mr T

there’s also three lines that look like illustrator guide lines that I thought were deleted. They’re not in the file but are there when imported to blender and I can’t select and delete them.

you’ll need to clean up the curve, adjust the resolution as necessary, then alt-c to convert it to a mesh - then you can fill in (shift-f I think in edit mode) all the holes if needed (you might have to close the curve(s)), extrude, and render. perhaps make a copy of the curve on another layer before converting to a mesh.

this is a workflow that I feel can be improved upon…maybe it is already in 2.5… not really following all the little changes. Something like 3ds max, where you can apply an edit mesh modifier to the curve, so that it’s less destructive.
There’s also an “extrude” for closed curves in the F9 editing panel. But I don’t think there’s a way to officially close an open bezier curve.

perfect thanks! I made sure it was closed in illustrator then re-imported it and then did alt-c and extruded etc. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.

ok this is driving me nuts so I hope someone can help me now…

I’m doing the SAME thing as I did in this thread with the same logo but a different version of it. I saved a new illy file and closed the paths and removed the guides but everytime I import it into blender there’s long guide lines and several of the letter are missing from the logo. I tried grouping them and cleaning it up more in illustrator tried a few thing like three time now and it keeps importing it the same way.

I assume its something in illustrator but I’ve tried lots and nothing has changed. Help?!

Maybe a compound path like the “O” inside an O. You may have to release the path in ia. Not sure what the guides are. Maybe try svg imports