Help with Importing File Basics -OBJ

hello everyone!

im having a hard time properly importing an obj file, i can import it inside blender but there are problems with the original file inside blender. the scale is too smale, the texture are all mixed up. can anyone explain to me what are the options when you import obj file?
and how can i used the .mtl that comes with the obj file?


You may have noticed the scale setting when you imported the file? Have you played with that? Can you just scale it after it comes in?

The texturing is another matter. Ordinarily, I find *.obj one of the more portable formats. What application generated it? I ask because I regularly export obj from Blender to bring into Ultimate Unwrap, save it out of there as obj and import it into Blender just fine.


i tried scaling it up but i’m not sure how to get a more accurate scale, let say for architectural viz. how does the scale work? in percent?

i have problem with a 3dmax .obj file that a friend gave me, i can import it, but the textures are all mixed up. and the obj comes with a .mtl file. how can i import it this to be used in blender?

and what is the best setting when you import a file created from another program to blender?


The .mtl file (material file) is just a text file with paths to textures etc and the .obj importer should read the path for those textures, so it should automatically load the textures as long as the import script is coded to do so, which it sounds like it’s doing but mixing up somehow, UV coords perhaps, Y to Z axis maybe I don’t know.

I’ve imported .obj’s from Max and it’s probably due to my laziness not getting to the bottom of it, but I always have problems with scale and end up dropping a 1x1 plane in as reference, the edge length etc stuff in blender appears to give it the same edge lengths on the imported .obj whatever you scale it to.