Help with Indigo please?

I recently downloaded Indigo, It’s no surprise that i have problems with it. I can export just fine, but when i do. It always opens as a Internet Explorer file, and it wont let me open the file with Indigo. Any solutions?

Try opening the file from the indigo executable. It sounds like you’re double clicking the file. the indigo file format is xml based, which is probably why it opens in IE.

Heres how i did it. I rightclicked, the went to open as… Then i browsed for the indigo executable, and when i clicked on it, nothing happened.

You REALLY should be using the Blendigo exporter. It will automatically open the Indigo scene for you when you export it. If you want to start Indigo from the command line, it generally follows this syntax

C:/<path to Indigo directory>/indigo.exe myscene.igs

Also - Although I don’t know how much reading you’ve done on Indigo yet, but it seems you just downloaded it and tried it out without much research. You really should read through the tutorial first.

Latest version of Indigo (1.0.3)…

Blendigo Exporter for Version 1.0…

Blendigo Tutorial for version 0.7 (Basics are the same for version 1.0)

If you speak spanish or understand it, I captured some VTS on Indigo-Blendigo for Niel, blender spanish-speaking community. Check them out here:

Just did the same with WhiteRabbit’s Mosaic renderman plugin. Info here:

I’m thinking of recapturing them in English…though it’ll take some time :wink:

Thanks for the links. They helped quite a bit, and i got a render going from the tutorial of the cube with suzanne. But the slight problem is, it’s taking forever to render :P. 32 minutes so far, it doesn’t look even close to being done.

That’s normal. Most final renders I do, I let “cook” for at least 8 hours, sometimes longer. A good practice is to set the scene up the way you like, do a few practice renders just to make sure the setup is correct, then start your final render before you hit the sack for the night. When you wake in the morning you have a nice clean render.