Help with (inner) leg texture

Hey there. Currently I’m trying to port the animal crossing villager into Blender. So far I’ve been able to get the models and textures to all work properly, except for the leg texture. Here’s a picture of what it is meant to look like.

And here’s what I’m getting in blender.

It appears that it’s just the inner leg that doesn’t render correctly, as the outer side on each leg/foot appears as it’s meant to be.
The model was imported as a dae file, with the textures being designated in the dae file already. Not quite sure how to go about fixing this when only half of the model portion is rendering incorrectly. I’ve attached the model/textures for reference.

Attachments (12.8 KB)

Sorry, Blender crashed when I try to import it

Likely this is what needs to be done to correct UVs. Why it is happening, no idea though.