Help with installing Blender?

I am on a system running Ubuntu v9.04 64-bit. I am wanting to run Blender v2.49b 64-bit compiled with Python v2.6, so I can use YafaRay v0.1.1 which is only compatible with the Blender compiled with Python v2.6.

But the DEB installer is for Blender 2.49b 64 is for the version compiled with Python v2.5.

The instructions (for the Blender version I want) say to just uncompress the downloaded file and run it from the directory created. Another says to copy the .blender folder into my home directory. Neither of these work. I get no response when I double-click the Blender icon. When I tried running it from the terminal, I got “bash: /usr/bin/blender: No such file or directory”, so I assume I need to get the executable in the PATH.

When I do so and run it from the terminal, I get “blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”. But, doing a search of the system reveals that I do have located in /usr/lib.

So what do I do now? Am I going about this the wrong way? Is there a better way? has a .deb of Blender 2.49b for 64 bit Jaunty -

If you want to run a non-installed version of Blender from the terminal, first cd to the directory the Blender executable is in, then enter ./blender.

That one doesn’t work. I get “wrong architecture i386” when I try to load it.

Anything else?

My choices seem to be the an older version of Blender through Ubuntu’s Add/Remove app (which I don’t know if that Blender can use YafaRay) or the current Blender without YafaRay.

Unless someone can tell me how to successfully install the Blender version I want.

There is a link near the top of the page where you can select which ‘version’ you want to download for.

The older version will be fine as long as it was compiled with the same version of Python as the Yafaray version you want to use, which is currently 2.6 for Yafaray 0.1.1 and for Jaunty, so you should be ok there.