help with interface and reading the manual

Hi guys,

New Blender user here. I purchased the manual and am following the first tutorial, in which I make a cookie man and later animate him.

After building one side of the body, the tutorial asks me to mirror it, to get the other side visible. However the tutorial says “Press MKEY to open the Mirror Menu. Choose Global X.” However when I press the ‘m’ I get no such window axis menu appearing. I think I resolved this myself by pressing XKEY on the keyboard to signify I want the mirror on that access, that seemed to do the trick but I was wondering if I might need this Mirror Menu in the future, am I doing something wrong?

The second problem I have is a little further down in the tutorial when I come to smoothing the Cookie guy. Supposedly I need to locate the Sub Surf toggle in the Mesh Panel. Like the screen shot shows, in the Mesh Panel I have a few options, the top one being “Auto Smooth” but underneath, where the screen shot shows “Sub Surf” I have a button called “Retopo” instead, am I doing something wrong? I followed the tutorial to the letter.

Can anyone help with this? Its driving me nuts :slight_smile:

Yes, the manual you are reading is out of date. Trythis tutorialinstead.

Out of date? I just purchased this yesturday, things move quickly :slight_smile:

Can I download an updated manual someplace?

You did it right, you press M and then the axis you want to mirror on.

Is there anyone who can tell me what happened to the Sub Surf section on the Mesh Panel? I am reading the new tutorial that Orinoco linked me, and this seems to suggest using the stack modifiers instead, is this now the only way to go about it, its just that I would like to continue using the manual I have just purchased as much as possible.

The manual was written for Blender 2.3, it’s still a good reference but many panels have evolved since. The only way to apply some SubSurf is to use a SubSurf modifier. If you’re stuck, you can compare the differences with the wiki manual.

thanks guys, everything has been cleared up.