Help With Interior Lighting

I’m working on this interior scene and I’ve run into a few problems. Firstly, does anyone have any tips on how to improve the lighting? Right now It looks kinda flat, which is a problem. I know artists usually have a sun lamp and then take off the ceiling for lighting. This makes it look good, but I’m turning this into an animation and the ceiling is going to be visible in quite a few shots, so thats not going to work. Secondly, I need some advice for the light bulbs. I want them to look like this:

But when I tried to model a hollow glass bulb and modeled a filament with an emission material, It got really noisy and looked weird. So does anyone have any advice for making realistic looking light bulbs? Finally, I’m going for a more clean, modern look. My color scheme is grayscale which looks really sleek, but It lacks color which I think would really make it pop. The problem is I can’t come up with any colored objects to add so any ideas for that would be great. Also, general feedback is also appreciated!


No one has any ideas?

Hello. I’m not a profesional, but maybe you can increas strenght of lamps no make a better model. :slight_smile:

Hi, light a room with small emitter is not working in pathtracer like Cycles.
You need some big mesh emitter and/or area lights in the windows.
A good example is the White Room from JayArtist:

Description for bulbs:

Cheers, mib

You might try adding a point light just beneath each light bulb. This should help light the scene with less noise, and the bulbs can still light up and look realistic without having to actually do all the lighting of the scene.